Sign the Alabama School Readiness Alliance Statement of Public Support:

I would like to join the Alabama School Readiness Alliance in supporting the expansion of voluntary, high-quality pre-k programs in Alabama. I believe that early education is critical to the continued success of our children, and I pledge to assist ASRA in its efforts with state and local leaders.

I understand that members of the Alliance will receive regular legislative and campaign updates, will be asked to forward information to any appropriate personal contacts, to educate others about the importance of early learning experiences for our children, and to provide input and participate actively in the work of ASRA. 

I agree to join the Alabama School Readiness Alliance and to take action in support of expanding voluntary, quality pre-k programs. Such actions may include writing a letter or placing a telephone call to elected officials, submitting opposite editorials and letters to the editor, and encouraging others to join ASRA by placing membership information on our Web site or a link to

To join ASRA's advocacy efforts by electronically signing the Statement of Public Support, send an email to