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Can't Stop The Feeling!

Today, the National Institute for Early Education Research named Alabama First Class Pre-K the highest quality pre-k program in the country for the 11th year in a row. How did Alabama's four-year-olds celebrate? They put on their favorite Justin Timberlake song and danced!Click here to watch our new video. We dare you to watch and not smile! This announcement was made today by the National Institute for Early Education Research in its 2016 State of Preschool Yearbook. Released every year since...

Legislature Approves Increased Pre-K Funding

The Alabama Legislature today gave final approval to a $13 million expansion of Alabamas First Class Pre-K program. Both chambers agreed to an Education Trust Fund Budget compromise after a conference committee worked out differences between the Senate- and House-passed versions. The bill, which includes a total of $77.5 million for the states high-quality, voluntary pre-kindergarten program, now goes to Governor Ivey her signature.Click here to thank your lawmakers for prioritizing pre-k fundi...

Advocates Renew Call for Expansion of First Class Pre-K

Alabama School Readiness Alliances Pre-K Task Force to push for $20 million increase in upcoming legislative session.

Our new video takes you inside a First Class Pre-K classroom

Weve produced a short video that takes viewers inside one of Alabamas high-quality First Class Pre-K classrooms. It highlights why Alabama First Class Pre-K has been recognized as the nations highest quality pre-k program for ten years in a row (and counting!). Despite research that confirms that Alabama's First Class Pre-K graduates are more prepared for kindergarten than their peers, three out of every four four-year-olds in the state are still unable to participate in the program due to a lac...

State Lawmakers Celebrate New First Class Pre-K Grants in Tuscaloosa

More four-year-olds are able to participate in Alabama's high-quality, voluntary First Class Pre-K program than ever before due to an increase in state funding approved by the Alabama Legislature and championed by Governor Bentley. On Monday, October 24, 2016, State Senator Gerald Allen (SD-21) and State Representative Bill Poole (HD-63) participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony welcoming pre-k students at Verner Elementary School in Tuscaloosa. Verner received two new state-funded First Class...

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