Alabama Pre-K Results

A study by the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama analyzed student achievement through the 6th grade and found that alumni of Alabama's First Class Pre-K program consistently outperform their peers in reading and math on state assessments. PARCA also found that the typical achievement gap between low-income students and their higher-income peers was closed by 29% through the sixth grade for students that participated in First Class Pre-K.

Click here to read the PARCA study: "Analysis of ARMT Scores for Recipients of First Class/OSR Pre-K"‚Äč

Click here to read an executive summary of the PARCA study in the October 2013 PARCA Perspective Newsletter

NEW: The Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education also reports that Alabama First Class Pre-K alums have higher attendance rates and are less likely to repeat a grade than children that did not participate in the program, according to new research from PARCA and UAB.

Click here to view a 2017 slide show from the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education reviewing the growth of First Class Pre-K and the program's impact on kindergarten readiness, grade retention, reading and math proficiency and attendance, as well as case studies from Wilcox County, Madison County and Selma.